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Sell Your Car with CarMart Net
Sell your car with CarMart Net
One day a lady walked into the office and told me that she has a van which she was looking to sell and asked if we could sell it for her, so I decided I could.
"I want to thank you again for agreeing to take my van on consignment and selling it for me. Trying to sell a car has typically not been a very pleasant experience for me but working with you made it hassle-free and time efficient. You communicated with me regularly and clearly. The deal we made was straight forward with no unexpected expenses in the end. To my surprise, I ended up with more money than I had expected! Last but not least, you told me it would not take long to sell my car, and you were right! It took only days. Working with Car Mart has been a very positive experience for me and I will encourage others who are interested in a consignment sale to contact you."

I have developed a system to consign vehicles which is very easy and hassle free for you. We take care of all the stages which are required to sell a car. Once we sign the consignment paperwork and you drop off the vehicle with us, there is nothing else you have to do.

When you contact us about consignment:

1. Research is the key.

First we discuss the price you want to sell the vehicle for and we do some research to see the actual market value and how much others are asking for a similar vehicle. Once you decide on a reasonable amount we are set.
2. Check Everything.

We have the vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic. We do a full engine computer scan. The mechanic takes it for a test drive to check the overall running condition. It is lifted up and all undercarriage components are checked out. If he notices something important, we will inform you so you can decide what to do.
3. Appearance is very important.

We have the vehicle fully detailed inside and out. If necessary we will buff and polish it to prepare for sale.
4. Everyone can see everything about your car from home.

We take detailed, professional photos and videos of the vehicle to list on our website. ( – our vehicle page is one of the best detailed pages you can find on the web.)
We publish all information about the vehicle - you might be surprised as even the owners of the vehicle don't always know about all of the features a vehicle has. We also include the book value and vehicle history report on the site. There are thousands of people who look at the vehicle; even from far away they can see all the details.
We also list the vehicle on local online classified sites.
5. Buyers want to know about your car.

If you drive by our dealership, take a look at one of the vehicles which are on the lot for sale and you can see the amount of information we post on the vehicles. Buyers want to know everything about a vehicle before they spend money. We will prepare and print all the information about your vehicle also. This process alone takes hours of work.
6. Your car is on display at the best location in town.

We are located in downtown Fergus Falls right on Lincoln Ave. This is the busiest street in town with over 14,000 vehicles driving by every day. There is no better location in Fergus Falls to display a vehicle for sale.
7. Test drives to title transfer we do it all.

Prospective buyers can reach us on our toll free 800 number from 7am to 9pm any day of the week. We are available much longer hours than any other dealer. The buyer can arrange to take a look at your vehicle or to take it for a test drives even after hours. If someone wants to buy your vehicle, we will inform you and take care of all paperwork – Title, payment, tax and tags. All you have to do is come in to collect your money.
If you have any questions about the process or would like to arrange your vehicle for consignment, just give us a call at (800) 86 86 860 any day of the week between 7am and 9pm.