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"Hi, my name is Megan. I would like to explain a bit about myself and my business in order to give you some insight into CarMart Net. Also, I highly value your input on how to improve the business and welcome your feedback. I have had customers in the past make comments which I always take to heart. I have implemented most of their suggestions and they always help to improve the business.

I grew up in Fergus, graduated from Fergus High School and then Concordia College Moorhead. I have a passion for learning about and working with vehicles. I left both of my farms and IT company behind and started CarMart Net LLC auto dealership in March of 2011 to pursue that passion. Over the past 7 years I have studied and gained experience with a wide range of vehicles. Now I can personally tear down and rebuild engines, even diesels. This experience and knowledge has greatly helped me to select good vehicles and provide the best service to my customers. I travel hundreds of miles to purchase vehicles; I am personally involved with inspecting and buying each vehicle which goes on the lot. Then each of our vehicles go through an inspection process with a professional mechanic. We do the recommended maintenance before sending to the lot. Each vehicle has a full history report available (I have seen vehicles with a clean title show a damage or salvage history from another state, that is why I check the history of each vehicle before buying; I do not buy a vehicle with bad history).

Even though running an auto dealership is extremely challenging, I enjoy what I am doing and work hard to make the business better for my customers. Even just having you stop by to see a vehicle I have on the lot or ask a question encourages me and keeps me going.

I truly appreciate the support shown by everyone; without that support I never could have come as far as I have. There are a large number of people in the area who have helped develop the business. I have also sold a large number of vehicles on the internet to customers from New York to Washington state. The common factor is that they have all shown me support and believed in what I am doing. I believe that your input is the most valuable to shape the future of CarMart Net and have created a form below so you can send your feedback to me. "

Thank You,
Megan Bladow
CEO - CarMart Net LLC
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