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Vehicle Trade in tips and secrets

My article explains in detail everything you need to know about trading in your vehicle.

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Best Use for your tax refund


Many people buy vehicles with their tax refund. This increase in demand means prices usually go high during the tax season. NOT with us. We keep our lowest prices in the state even during the tax season. Your tax refund is money you have worked hard to earn. Invest it wisely. Don't pay thousands of dollars extra for the same vehicles you can buy from us for much less.

We're getting new inventory including lots of trucks and SUV's every week. As always we have good vehicles for the lowest price - stop down and take a look!
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As a single woman with little mechanical knowledge, purchasing a vehicle is a very stressful experience. I found CarMartNet through their exceptional and unusual website, which caused me to stop in and look at their cars. I immediately appreciated the informative write-ups about each vehicle that are posted in the windows. One of the skills I have developed in my 56 years is an acute radar for genuineness and honesty in people and you can imagine my surprise when I met the owners, Megan and Lucky, and found them to be very heartfelt in their desire to help me find the vehicle that best met my needs, which are a little complicated, even if they didn't currently have one in stock. Fortunately for me, they happened to have such a vehicle, a 2006 RAV4, V6, on the lot. Megan and Lucky worked with me patiently for two weeks as I made the decision about purchasing, had friends check out and test drive it, decided whether or not to trade-in two older vehicles (they offered me very fair trade-in values), and got my finances in order. I finished the transaction feeling like I'd learned a lot, made new friends and would recommend CarMartNet to anyone who needs to purchase a vehicle. Their focus on education, service, offering fair prices, and remaining personable and helpful throughout made the experience as pleasant as it could be.

Dalton, Minnesota

My husband & I have bought many cars through the years and can only say CarMart has to be the best dealer we have ever met. They are HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY & very KNOWLEDGEABLE!! Even though we live 3 hrs. from FERGUS, we will DEFINITELY be bringing our car to CarMart for any needed services! TRUST US - - they are the BEST!

Mel & Colleen
Monticello, Minnesota
Employee Reviews

"CarMart Net - The Best Place I've Ever Worked For... "

Hi, my name is Kourtney, and I’ve worked at CarMart Net for about 4 months. When I first started my job as an office assistant, I really liked that Megan and Lucky were honest, straight-forward, kind, and respectful. Over time I saw their patience in teaching me. They also encouraged me to grow in skill and knowledge. Wanting to start my own business one day, I’ve had the pleasure of watching how they treat their customers respectfully and honestly, and I’ve learned a lot from them. Their innovation and desire to be the best has been inspiring and has stretched me to grow. Overall I’ve enjoyed working with them and I have to say this is the best place I’ve ever worked for and with the best bosses I’ve ever had. I would so recommend this as a great place to work and grow as a person.